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Our nutrition label generator makes it easy to create FDA and CFIA-compliant labels from anywhere. With recipe costing and inventory to improve your business.

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Nutrition analysis made easy

Huge custom database for nutrition labeling, with automated ingredient lists and allergens. Work efficiently with copy, scale, and subrecipe features.

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"Food analysis was not a task I wanted to take on, but it turned out to be straightforward with ReciPal."

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Nutrition labeling that's flexible and compliant

Choose from a variety of label styles, with sensible defaults and options ensuring you stay compliant. Save and print your label in designer friendly formats including PDF, PNG, and embed codes.

"So many of our small businesses struggle to get nutrition labels done, this is a much needed resource that we'll be incorporating into our curriculum"

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Recipe costing to make decisions

Include food, packaging, labor, and overhead to understand your costs, margins, and profit. Make decisions on pricing and cost-cutting easy.

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Ingredient lists and allergens

Automatically create ingredient lists and allergens based on your recipe, with full customization and control.

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Inventory management

Automatically update inventory levels. Easy lot tracking and traceability. Production reports even when you're not there.

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Recipe management in the cloud

Your recipes are privately and securely backed up, and you can access them from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Customer service that listens

Real experts helping in real time. We take your feedback and build it into ReciPal.

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“So many of our small businesses struggle to get nutrition labels done, this is a much needed resource that we'll be incorporating into our curriculum.”

Leticia Program Developer, La Cocina Incubator

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“ReciPal is a brilliant product. I've gone through a number of alternatives and I really appreciate how much this has simplified my life.”

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Frequently asked questions

What is on a nutrition label?

Nutrition facts labels, also known as nutrition facts panels, vary by brand and product, but they make it easy to compare products to ensure consumers make the right food choices for themselves and their families. They display essential nutritional information, including calories, ingredients, macronutrients like carbs, fat, fiber, and protein, and micronutrients like vitamins per serving size.

Why is a nutrition label important?

Nutrition labels help consumers make informed decisions about the foods they buy at the store. These labels can affect an individual’s choice by helping them compare brands with similar products. This allows consumers to determine which foods are more nutritious by looking at calories, fats, sodium, sugar, protein, vitamins, and more. In addition, nutrition fact labels can save lives by listing the ingredients and allergens that may cause harmful reactions.

For businesses, nutrition fact labels are important because they must remain in compliance with regulatory bodies like the FDA and CFIA. Many companies are required to add nutritional labels to their food products, particularly if you plan to sell through retail or grow your business. Additionally, many consumers may avoid food items that don’t share this essential information, so creating accurate nutritional labels is a good business practice and can help you sell to customers that care about the nutrition of foods they consume.

How do I make my own nutrition facts label?

ReciPal’s easy-to-use nutrition label maker simplifies the process of creating labels for your business. With our tool, you can set up your recipe to calculate its nutrition by choosing ingredients from our custom USDA nutrition database or creating your own ingredients, modify amounts, and make big or small batches. Additionally, you can choose from various label styles and customize which nutrients to display.

Our nutrition label software provides all the major label styles, fonts, colors, and compliant formatting to create nutrition labels that can be customized for your product. We follow all the FDA and CFIA formatting and nutrition label rounding rules to ensure your label is in compliance.

How do I print my nutrition facts label?

ReciPal makes printing nutrition fact labels a piece of cake. We have an exclusive partnership with Avery, the leader in label printing since 1935. Through this partnership ReciPal users can access discounts, white glove customer service, and take advantage of Avery's intuitive, state of the art printing process.

At whatever stage you're at there are tailored options to fit your needs. Avery can provide blank labels that you can print yourself or professionally print labels in any shape, size, quantity, or finish. They stand behind their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And they have free shipping over $50.

You can print just the nutrition fact panel or easily incorporate other design elements with Avery's simple online design tools. Instead of just downloading your labels, you have the option to print them with Avery too.

Why use a nutrition label generator?

Using a nutrition facts label maker allows you to create compliant nutritional panels in seconds for small and large batch sizes without worrying if you missed something. We also offer a review service if you still want an extra pair of expert eyes on your labels.

The benefits of ReciPal’s nutritional label generator include the following:

  • Create accurate labels: Ensure your labels are FDA-compliant, contain the correct information to help consumers make informed food decisions, and follow all the required rounding and formatting rules with sensible defaults.
  • Build and save ingredients lists: Automatically generate ingredients lists from your recipes that follow FDA and CFIA guidelines and customize ingredient names as needed.
  • Manage Recipes: Save your data and manage recipes and ingredients from virtually any location or device.
  • Calculate costs: Understand your costs by reviewing cost per batch and package to make more informed business decisions, such as accurately pricing products and seeking out ingredient and supplier alternatives to improve your costs.
  • Manage inventory: Inventory management allows you to update and track inventory to be able to do recalls with lot tracing, plan ahead for production, and track income and expenses.

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