Case Study: ReciPal accelerates custom production process for Mason Jar Cookie Company

Mason Jar Cookie Company makes customized cookie mixes through their website as well as for private label customers - corporate events, weddings, retailers. You can read all about their business here.

For the private label business, nutrition labels are critically important because these products could end up on grocery shelves. Before ReciPal, they were making labels by hand in Photoshop, which we have to admit doesn't sound fun. Now, all their ingredients and inventory are in one place, which, according to CEO David Ferguson, is quite an accomplishment given the hundreds of thousands of possible cookie combinations.

Like many others, they found that the FDA regulations were quite difficult to navigate on their own and ReciPal was a very affordable alternative. ReciPal accelerated the process of creating custom orders, which is especially important given how lean the Mason Jar team is - mainly David, a small tech team, and their co-packer in upstate New York.

We're even working on a ReciPal API alongside David's tech team to let them create nutrition labels on the fly and automate the process even more for private label clients. So be on the lookout for that.

Other software was not user-friendly and felt like '90s DOS apps. If Apple were to design nutrition software, it would look like ReciPal.
David Ferguson
Mason Jar Cookie Co.