Case Study: YumTum needed child and infant labels - ReciPal added those styles within days

YumTum, based in Wisconsin, makes organic baby food that is incredibly healthy and thoroughly researched, making sure it passes the challenging baby taste test. They sell through their website and in a variety of local stores. You can read all about their business here.

YumTum wasn't actually required to include nutrition labels on their packaging based on the size of their business, but their product is so nutritious that they wanted to show it off to customers.

ReciPal helped YumTum in a couple of key areas. First, ReciPal was in its early days, so we only had the most common label styles. YumTum makes baby food, so they needed to have child and infant labels. Within a couple of days, we had added these additional label styles to our service and YumTum was able to finish their nutrition labels.

The second issue was that YumTum had a relatively unique production process - they steam their ingredients very gently in order to keep the product as nutrient-rich as possible. We had data on similar, but not quite the same ingredients and cooking process. In the end, we consulted with Jacy of YumTum and used a few different data sources to triangulate the nutrition data, even after a lab analysis was unable to provide quality data for YumTum.

That's the type of customer service we pride ourselves on here at ReciPal. So if you think you're stuck on something, just ask and we'll do our best to figure it out with you.

ReciPal has an amazing tool and even better customer service.
Jacy Eckerman