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BREAKING[ISH] NEWS: The FDA and CFIA finalized new nutrition label rules and we have them ready for you! They were published in 2016 and compliance is required by 2021 for most companies. Read more for the FDA/US and CFIA/Canada changes.


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"ReciPal took the fear factor out of getting intimidating nutrition facts done. It made sense and simplified the technical aspects."
"We couldn't find an affordable labeling option for all our flavors and ReciPal was the solution."
"ReciPal customer service went above and beyond to create a custom label and triangulated tricky ingredient data for us."
"Other software wasn't user friendly. If Apple were to make nutrition label software it would look like ReciPal."

How does ReciPal work?

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Nutrition analysis and nutrition fact labels made easy

We pride ourselves on making all our features simple, effective, and a joy to use

Choose from our ingredients or create your own
Modify amounts quickly and easily
Make big or small batches

Choose from our various label styles
Customize look, feel, and which nutrients to display
Save and print your labels in flexible formats

Recipe costing to make decisions
Input your ingredient and packaging costs
Quickly understand your cost breakdown
Make decisions on pricing and cost-cutting

Ingredient lists in seconds
Automatically create an ingredient list
Edit ingredient names
Customize the look and feel

Recipe management in the cloud
Never lose a recipe or ingredient again
Safely and securely backed up in the cloud
Access from anywhere, on any device
Easily share with colleagues

Automatically update inventory levels
Easy lot tracking and traceability
Production reports even when you're not there

Customer service to die for
Advice from nutrition and labeling experts
Questions answered in minutes, not days
Provide feedback and see it realized

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