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With ReciPal’s free ingredients list template, you can quickly create your own custom ingredients list and automatically generate nutrition labels that follow FDA guidelines.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you create an ingredients list label?

Use our ingredients list template to quickly create a custom ingredient list. You can conveniently browse through ReciPal’s large database of ingredients and add, create, edit, or remove whatever ingredients you need. ReciPal’s nutrition analysis software even allows you to analyze your recipes and make your own nutrition labels.

ReciPal can also generate an automatic ingredient list and put the ingredients in descending weight order so that your label follows FDA regulations. Visit our blog to learn more about how food label ingredient lists work.

How should ingredients be formatted on a product label?

The FDA requires food manufacturers to list all product ingredients on the food label. The way you list your ingredients is also important.

Per FDA guidelines, ingredients must be listed according to how much of each ingredient is used, with the most predominant ingredients appearing at the top. So your label will start with the most predominant ingredient and then list the rest of the ingredients in descending order of the amount used.

If your product includes any color additives, they have to be named as well. According to the FDA, some food additives can simply be listed as “spices” or “artificial flavoring”. Generally, any food colors that aren’t FDA certified can just be named as “artificial colors.”

Are ReciPal’s ingredient lists FDA compliant?

Yes, it's simple to create ingredient lists on ReciPal that comply with all FDA and CFIA guidelines. When you use our free ingredient list template and create your label with ReciPal’s label making software, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your labels follow these important rules and regulations.

What is required in an ingredients list?

To remain in compliance with the FDA, there are a few things food companies must include on their ingredients lists.

All of the ingredients should be listed after the word “Ingredients”. The list should be placed below the label’s nutritional panel or to the right of it. The ingredients should be listed in order, by weight and predominance.

If an ingredient is composed of sub-ingredients, the sub-ingredients can either be listed separately, or after the main ingredient in parentheses. Our composite ingredient lists features greatly helps with simplifying subrecipe ingredient lists.

ReciPal’s cloud-based recipe management system makes it easy to create food labels using a free ingredients list template and enables you to quickly customize your recipes and labels. You can also use our software to conduct an ingredients cost-analysis and better understand your products, thereby allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

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