Easily Track Production and Inventory

Best practice recipe control, production management and reporting, and lot code traceability

Never run out of ingredients again!
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Turn recipes into
inventory lists and
production logs
Easily search batches
for lot tracing and recalls
Instantly and automatically
update inventory levels after production
Reports to understand
real product costs and yields
Control multi-user access
for various roles
Production experts to answer
questions and set you up

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Food manufacturers large and small are managing production better with ReciPal!

Food businesses, co-packers, bakeries, we've got you covered


  • I love your product as a start-up food company! Thanks so much!
    - Kirsty, Owner, Paleo Supply Co
  • Seriously incredible! This makes my life SOOOOO much easier than doing nutrition analysis in one place and labeling in another. Thank you!
    - Jim True, Owner, Jim True Designs
  • This is really wonderful!!! Thank you!
    - Sausan, Owner, Bitchin' Baklava
  • Thank you for developing ReciPal, it's a beautiful thing. Very user friendly :)
    - Joyce, Owner, Motisola Chili
  • Great service! Will definitely use again. Will recommend highly to others.
    - Alan, Operations, Carolina Farmin'
  • It is a great asset to those of us creating small batch products. Hats off to you!!
    - Hollis, Owner, Farm Kitchen
  • I am very excited to share ReciPal with our clients who have been looking for something like this.
    - Xander, Ennovation Center
  • Thanks for creating such a useful service!
    - Joan, Operations, Lidabbit Sweets
  • This is a big help!
    - Cindy, Owner, Your Pro Kitchen
  • I love the website and it's very useful for my meal delivery company!
    - Matt, Owner, Greenlite Meals


"Using the automated batch control logs enabled us to ensure consistency and a high degree quality control."
"We only have to count inventory once a month now that everything is automatically updated after each production run."
"Now we know when our co-packer did a run and what happened with the automatic production reports we get in ReciPal."
"Modeling a multi-stage production process was nearly impossible with other products, but ReciPal made it easy."

Inventory management for food manufacturers

Everything you need to manage your food business

Never run out of ingredients again!
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Never run out of ingredients, labels, or packaging
Automatically update amounts after a production run
Reset amounts after taking physical inventory

Yield and cost analysis after every run
Cost breakdown by food, labor, and packaging
Notes on waste, timing, and any issues

Stress free lot tracking
Add lot codes for each ingredient and batch
Easily search up and downstream
Full audit trail and history for each ingredient

Batch control logs for quality control
Reduce errors, improve consistency and quality
Scale batches to production size instantly

Controlled access for your team
Separate access for each team member's role
Work seamlessly with your co-packer
Web-based access from anywhere, on any device

Customer service that delivers
Advice from production and operations experts
Questions answered in minutes, not days
Provide feedback and see it realized