How To Videos for Nutrition Labeling

Introductory videos for making ReciPal Nutrition Labels. Questions? Email us.

Making nutrition fact labels introduction

If you're a food entrepreneur, co-packer, nutritionist, or just trying to get your food business off the ground, ReciPal makes it easy to make nutrition fact labels.

All you need to do is search our database of ingredients, select what goes in your recipes, adjust the quantities, and then customize the label to your needs.

Our software automatically applies the proper rules, formatting, and nutrition calculations. In minutes you can create your nutrition fact panel, ingredient list, allergens, and get a detailed nutritional breakdown of your recipe.

Creating and editing a recipe

Learn how to navigate the Recipe Creation page including:

  • Search, filter, and add ingredients
  • Set quantities, units, and waste%
  • Add serving and packaging info

Formatting and saving your nutrition label

Learn how to navigate the Label Edit page including:

  • Choose label type and sections
  • Configure style settings
  • Select optional nutrients and vitamins
  • Download as PDF, PNG, or get code

Recipe costing calculator and pricing tool

This video shows how to calculate your recipe costs and determine retail pricing.

Setting your ingredient list

Learn how to navigate the Ingredient Statement page including:

  • Edit display text
  • Aggregate spices/flavors
  • Combine ingredients from subrecipes
  • Denote ingredients that less than 2%

Creating a custom ingredient

This video shows how to add a custom ingredient.

Managing your recipes and ingredients

Learn how to navigate your recipe dashboard in this quick tutorial including:

  • Create new recipes and ingredients
  • Search, filter, and navigate
  • Copy, scale, and create subrecipes