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ReciPal's team of labeling experts can review your nutrition labels to ensure key components are correct.

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Nutrition analysis made easy

  • Choose from our ingredients or create your own
  • Modify amounts quickly and easily
  • Make big or small batches

Nutrition labeling that's fun

  • Choose from our various label styles
  • Customize look, feel, and which nutrients to display
  • Save and print your labels in flexible formats

Recipe costing to make decisions

  • Input your ingredient and packaging costs
  • Quickly understand your cost breakdown
  • Make decisions on pricing and cost cutting

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Ingredient lists in seconds

Automatically create ingredient lists following FDA and CFIA guidelines in seconds. Edit ingredient names after they've been put in descending weight order for you, and customize the look and feel on your labels.

Recipe management in the cloud

Safely and securely
backed up in the cloud
Access from anywhere
on any device
Easily share access
with colleagues

Inventory management

  • Automatically update and trace inventory
  • Plan for production and track income
  • Handle recalls easily and efficiently

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Frequently asked questions

Why do you need a nutrition label?

If you’re in the food industry, you may be wondering who needs nutritional facts. There are a few reasons why you need a nutrition label on the food you’re selling. First, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires certain businesses to print nutrition labels on their products, such as those that sell $50,000 or more worth of food or $500,000 or more worth of food and non-food combined or companies with more than 10 full-time employees, selling more than 10,000 units annually.

Additionally, whole foods like fruits and vegetables are exempt from needing nutrition labels, foods with nutrient claims, such as “non-fat” or “gluten-free,” are required to have them.

Lastly, placing nutrition labels on your products is a great practice for your customers, as it allows them to better understand the nutrients and ingredients they’re consuming. Whether a consumer is looking for a particular allergy, such as dairy or gluten, or is curious about fat or sugar levels, nutrition labels help establish trust with your buyers. Using a nutrition facts label software like ReciPal can make this process easy by allowing you to input ingredients yourself or working with a labeling expert.

How do you make a nutrition label?

Creating a nutrition label is easy when using nutrition labeling software. To create a nutrition label with ReciPal, you can access nutrition label templates to easily input nutrient information and ingredients. However, if you’re unable to conduct your own nutrient analysis, we can refer you to a nutritionist that can help you get the information you need. From there, one of our labeling experts can review your nutrition facts template to ensure it meets all label requirements.

How much does it cost to make a nutrition label?

You can access ReciPal’s nutrition label software at three different price points:

  • Single Serving: $29 per recipe
  • Business: $59 per month
  • Business Plus: $129 per month

By creating a free account, you’ll get full access to make a recipe/label and see just how easy it is to use ReciPal. Get started now!

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“So many of our small businesses struggle to get nutrition labels done, this is a much needed resource that we'll be incorporating into our curriculum.”

Leticia Program Developer, La Cocina Incubator

“I love your product as a start-up food company! Thanks so much!”

Kristy Owner, Paleo Supply Co

“This is really wonderful!!! Thank you!”

Sausan Owner, Bitchin' Baklava

“Great service! Will definitely use again. Will recommend highly to others.”

Alan Operations, Carolina Farmin'

“ReciPal is a brilliant product. I've gone through a number of alternatives and I really appreciate how much this has simplified my life.”

Kevin Co-Founder, immi

“I wish I had known about this earlier! I just wasted $160 getting my nutritionals done!”

Cesario Manager, El Pajaro Kitchen

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