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Are you a food business owner in need of a high-quality nutrition label for your products? It’s simple and fast to create your very own custom nutrition label with ReciPal’s nutrition label templates.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I create a nutrition label?

It’s easy to create nutrition labels — you just need the nutrition information for your product, which you can do in a few different ways. If you already have the nutrition information, create a custom ingredient with that nutrition data and add it to a recipe to create your nutrition label.

If you don't know the nutrition information, you have two options - lab or database nutrition analysis.

You can send your product in for lab analysis, and by sending your product to our partner lab—which offers a discounted rate for ReciPal customers—you can get detailed information about the nutrients your product contains.

On the other hand, you can use ReciPal’s nutrition analysis software to analyze your product or recipe. Once you enter a complete ingredients list, our software automatically calculates the nutrition and generates a custom nutrition facts label that aligns with FDA standards.

With the nutrition analysis complete and a basic nutritional facts template ready to go, all you have to do is customize your nutrition label. For example, you can add custom sections, change colors, select optional nutrients, and set the ingredients statement of your labels on ReciPal.

Why are nutrition labels necessary?

Nutritional labels for food are important because the FDA requires most foods to have a nutrition label. Not only that, but many health-conscious customers or those with food allergies likely want to know what’s in a food item before purchasing it. Our FDA nutrition label templates ensures you're in line with FDA guidelines.

A nutrition facts label can even help you conduct an ingredient cost-analysis and more accurately price your products. ReciPal makes it easy to calculate recipe and ingredients cost and manage and edit recipes, which in turn allows you to make better business decisions.

How do I ensure my nutritional label is accurate?

A great way to ensure the accuracy of your nutrition labels is with a database nutritional analysis through ReciPal. Our database contains thousands of ingredients — meaning we likely already have accurate nutritional data on any ingredient you might enter.

Not sure if your nutrition label is accurate? You can purchase consulting services or get help from an expert right on ReciPal.

Ready to see how it works? Just head over to our free sample label page to experience how easy it is to create nutrition labels with ReciPal.

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