ReciPal was created to simplify the lives of food businesses. Easy nutrition analysis, nutrition fact labels, ingredient lists, recipe costing, and inventory management to tie it all together when you do production. All in the cloud and for a reasonable price. We work with up and coming food businesses, established food businesses, commercial kitchens, food business consultants, co-packers, food trucks, store fronts, students, you name it.

ReciPal was started in 2011 while working on a mini project for SlantShack Jerky. As a growing food startup we realized that our bags of jerky would soon need nutrition fact labels, and for some reason it turned out that getting this analysis done was pretty darned expensive. $200+ for a laboratory analysis and similar prices for reliable online alternatives. Add the fact (no pun intended) that SlantShack is a CUSTOM jerky company that at the time had 60 permutations of flavors and the current nutrition analysis options were simply out of the question.

...Cue lightbulb...

So, we started doing research. LOTS of research. As it turns out, you DON'T need a laboratory analysis to have proper nutrition facts, and there are public databases available that allow you to do the math yourself — if you're into math, but unfortunately lots of food folks aren't. This provided the perfect opportunity to provide a reasonably priced tool for the food and nutrition community as well as everyday folks curious about nutrition.

And there you have it. FDA compliant, reliable do-it-yourself nutrition fact labels for everybody. No more scouring the internet to figure out the arcane rules of the FDA. No more sending your product to chemistry labs with a stack of $100 bills for something you can do yourself in 10 minutes.

Since then, we've expanded what ReciPal does to include powerful recipe costing to help you understand your COGS and help you price your products in stores. On top of that, we now have a simple inventory management tool that allows you to automatically update inventory after a production run, generate production reports, manage lot tracking, and make sure you never run out of ingredients again.

Go ahead, build a recipe. Let us do the boring nutrition and recipe management work and get back to what you really love.

What Our Users Are Saying

“Other software was not user-friendly and felt like '90s DOS apps. If Apple were to design nutrition software, it would look like ReciPal.”

David Ferguson CEO, Mason Jar Cookie Co.

“Food analysis was not a task I wanted to take on, but it turned out to be straightforward with ReciPal.”

Mary Mentzer Owner, Eat Drink & Meet Mary

“We couldn't find anything that offered the level of customer service and functionality of ReciPal, so it was critical in getting us started.”

Kirsty Briscoe Owner, Paleo Supply Co.

The Team

ReciPal - Founder Lev Berlin
Lev Berlin
Founder, CEO, CTO, Employee of the Month (156 months running!)

Before ReciPal, Lev was a consultant at Oliver Wyman, saving banks all over the world. He was born in Riga, Latvia, graduated from Princeton University and now lives in New York City. He loves talking to all kinds of food-related companies, so feel free to reach out!

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