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With the best nutrition analysis software, you can accurately break down the nutritional contents of the food you’re producing, and better understand it. ReciPal's user-friendly software allows you to conveniently analyze recipes and increase transparency with customers.

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Frequently asked questions

Can nutrition analysis software help me price my products?

The main goal of our free recipe analysis software is to help you understand the nutritional content of any recipe. You can use this information to create nutrition labels and promote the nutritional benefits of your food. At the same time, this information can also help you price your products. For instance, if your food product boasts positive nutritional benefits when compared to competitors, this may impact your pricing strategy for that product.

We also offer software that allows you to accurately price your products and understand your costs. With ReciPal’s cloud-based recipe management software, you can view a recipe’s cost per package or batch and see what the main costs of your food products are. This allows you to price your products appropriately and make smarter business decisions.

How does nutritional analysis work?

ReciPal’s free nutritional analysis software saves you time and effort by providing you with access to an expansive USDA ingredient database with 10,000+ ingredients. To conduct a database nutritional analysis, the first step is to enter a product’s ingredients into our recipe analysis software. If an ingredient cannot be found in our database, you can create your own custom ingredient or obtain ingredient specification sheets from your supplier for the best results.

Once you have entered all of your ingredients, the next step is to set the amount of each ingredient and input the recipe yield and serving information. After these details have been added, our nutrition analysis software will automatically generate nutritional information and create an FDA-compliant nutrition label.

Why is nutritional analysis important?

Whether you own a food business, run a restaurant, or manufacture food products, it’s important to know the nutritional value of the food items you produce. These days, consumers want to give their business to companies who are transparent about the nutritional value of their products. More health-conscious consumers may make a purchase decision based on the nutrition facts of a particular food product. Using nutrition analysis software lets you present a clear picture of what is used in each of your products, so consumers can decide whether the product is right for them.

Additionally, FDA regulations and other laws often require companies to disclose nutritional facts about their food products to consumers. With our best-in-class nutrition analysis software, you can stay in compliance with the law while keeping your customers happy and growing your business.

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“So many of our small businesses struggle to get nutrition labels done, this is a much needed resource that we'll be incorporating into our curriculum.”

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“ReciPal is a brilliant product. I've gone through a number of alternatives and I really appreciate how much this has simplified my life.”

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“I wish I had known about this earlier! I just wasted $160 getting my nutritionals done!”

Cesario Manager, El Pajaro Kitchen

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