My Food Product: Packaging Label Requirements

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There are several statements and sections that you must include on your food label. We'll cover the basics, but if you want all the details there is a deeper dive on ingredient lists, more information on net quantity, details on statements of identity, manufacturer address, and of course more than you want to know on nutrition labeling.

The Big 6

There are 6 main parts to the label:

Where Does Everything Go?

There are two ways to label your food product. You can place all the required label statements on the front label panel. Or, you can place the statement of identity and net quantity statement on the front label panel, and the remaining statements on a side information panel, which is to the right of the front panel when looking at the product.

If you are using a side information panel, there can't be anything else on that panel aside from the statements expected on that panel. As the FDA puts it, these statements must be placed together "without any intervening material".

Anything else?

There are a few more details. We definitely won't go into everything, but here are a few important ones.

Our nutrition label software handles all these things, so hopefully it makes your life simpler as a food entrepreneur.

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