Case Study: SlantShack Jerky Uses ReciPal for Their Whole Foods Launch

SlantShack Jerky makes customizable, handmade grass-fed beef jerky for sale through their website and also distributes several flavors nationally, including in Northeast Whole Foods.

SlantShack started with 9 college degrees and a dream to make delicious jerky, without any plan to become a real business. However things got real once Maxim featured the delicious dried beef as one of America's Top 10 Jerkies and folks like Whole Foods came calling.

Still, it was not a company built with an unlimited budget and nutrition labels were quite expensive if being sent to a lab. On top of that, the jerky recipes were always being tweaked, so who knew how long the label would be good for until a new lab analysis would be needed.

ReciPal allowed SlantShack to get nutrition analysis and labels done quickly, affordably (actually free at the time!) and easily go back and edit them at any time.

I couldn't find a reasonable solution for nutrition labeling, so I made one. It's called ReciPal.
Lev Berlin
SlantShack Jerky