Case Study: After failed attempts with expensive lab analysis, Mama's Sweet Side finds ReciPal

Mama's Sweet Side, based in Detroit, makes homestyle desserts from natural ingredients, working out of a local commercial kitchen and selling through their website, Whole Foods and local restaurants. You can read all about their business here.

They needed labels for the Whole Foods application process. The way it works is that first you need your recipe formulation, then you send Whole Foods your full label for approval. That's one of your first impressions, so it needs to be professionally done.

Mama's Sweet Side used two other companies before ReciPal. First, they performed a lab analysis, which was "crazy" expensive and the ingredient list came back way off, listing several ingredients incorrectly. They also used another website that just wasn't right.

Then they found ReciPal, and according to Founder Anthony Haralson it was a "wow" moment.

With ReciPal, it was all of a sudden really easy to get a label created very quickly as well as going back to edit a label in case the recipe changed over time. Working with a consultant or lab was apparently quite challenging if the recipe ever changed.

Now they're doing seasonal flavors and multiple sizes, so the advanced functionality of using subrecipes, copying, and scaling recipes made it even simpler to handle that when the time came.

We tried lab analysis and other expensive options - it was a 'wow' moment when we realized ReciPal was both easier and more affordable.
Anthony Haralson
Mama's Sweet Side