Case Study: Paleo Supply Co Uses ReciPal Nutrition Labels for Their Launch

Paleo Supply Co is committed to bringing you delectable Paleo treats and daily staples, selling online, at local markets, and soon to be found at major retailers. You can read all about their business here.

Founder Kirsty Briscoe suffered from Celiac disease, and she found that eating paleo was a life changer. She was able to start doing Crossfit soon after, and discovered that her paleo cooking wasn't only appreciated at home, but was meeting a real need in other people's lives. Plus, people couldn't even tell that the recipes were gluten free or paleo. Thus she started Paleo Supply Co.

Paleo and gluten free recipes tend to be more expensive to make, plus Paleo Supply Co uses mostly organic ingredients. They wanted to understand exactly how much each recipe cost in order to pass on the lowest price possible to their cost conscious customers.

ReciPal was able to help them understand their exact recipe costs as well as handle the nutrition analysis and labeling, two critical steps in Paleo Supply Co getting started.

We couldn't find anything that offered the level of customer service and functionality of ReciPal, so it was critical in getting us started.
Kirsty Briscoe
Paleo Supply Co