Case Study: Frostbites Syrup Co was intimidated by the technical nature of doing nutrition facts - ReciPal took out the fear factor

Frostbites Syrup Co, based in Vancouver, makes all natural fruit and botanical cordials for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (and don't forget snow cones!). They sell mostly at farmers' markets and are now expanding to boutiques thanks to ReciPal labels. You can read all about their business here.

They started thinking about labeling within the last year or so and it was slow going. Government websites and phone calls didn't get them very far - there was so much information and it was hard to understand the whole picture. The main thing that was keeping them from the next step was nutrition labels. It really hit them when their product was taken off the shelves of a local bakery because they didn't have nutritionals.

So Peggy, part of the husband-wife team that leads Frost Bites Fun, went online and found ReciPal. According to Peggy, it made sense of the complicated process and took the fear factor out of getting nutritionals done. Plus, it wasn't going to cost a ton like sending it to a lab for testing. And for a small manufacturer, that meant a lot, with all the little bits of money you're shelling out - for barcodes, pH testing, packaging, and so on. It allowed them to essentially skip a step in their rollout plan, and now they're selling in boutiques a year earlier than initially hoped.

ReciPal allowed us to start selling in boutiques immediately instead of waiting for another season of farmers' markets to build up our business.
Peggy Speir
Frostbites Syrup Co.