Consulting Service to Replace Full Labeling Service and Full Package Review

Posted on September 13, 2019 by

We've been offering general consulting services on an ad hoc basis for a long time, but now have a more formal process for it through our official Hire an Expert page!

General consulting would normally cover bespoke research for clients performed on an hourly basis. Now you can order that service directly through the website.

How It Works

With the new setup you can order through the website and you get billed $75 upfront, which is essentially a retainer amounting to a minimum 1/2 hour engagement. From there you get billed at our hourly rate of $150/hr for the rest of the project.


If you have a project in mind we can chat and usually give at decent range to estimate how long it will take.

Full Labeling Service and Full Package Review

We've also moved our more variable expert services into the hourly consulting service.

What used to be our Full Package Review would full under this now - it used to be $150, but some projects were a bit simpler and took less time, and others took quite a bit more. So this service would more accurately differentiate between those.

This also changes what used to be our Full Labeling Service - where we'd set up your nutrition analysis and labels for you based on recipes you send us. This makes the very simple projects a lot cheaper, and the more complicated projects are more appropriately priced. We can also avoid having additional charges for thing like custom ingredients and additional package sizes that were a little complicated to communicate the cost of. It also incentivizes you guys to send us organized information, since that makes the project easier to follow and faster to complete with less back and forth.

Final Thoughts

Let us know if you have any questions on these changes! We're really looking forward to having a more transparent and seamless process going forward on these projects :)

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