Why people are leaving ESHA Genesis for ReciPal

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Comparing ReciPal to ESHA Genesis

As a food entrepreneur, managing the intricacies of government compliance for nutrition labeling is probably the last thing you want to worry about. Thankfully, ReciPal was created by food entrepreneurs and we get the struggles of starting and running a business.

ReciPal is a natively cloud-based software that was designed to be intuitive, affordable, and easily adaptable. The objective was to build straightforward software that didn’t sacrifice anything in terms of functionality. We wanted to limit the learning curve and designed a user experience that allows anyone to quickly get what they need and get back to doing what they love.

Similarly, we’ve structured the pricing with food entrepreneurs in mind. We understand that running a food business is tough so we created an extremely flexible subscription model at a modest price. Plus we offer a free trial where users can create 3 recipes and labels with complete access to all the tools to ensure that ReciPal is the right fit for them.

We have many former ESHA Genesis users reach out to us looking for a solution that’s more affordable, easier to use, and better meets the needs of their business. Here’s why they’re leaving ESHA for ReciPal.

Benefits of ReciPal over ESHA Genesis

ReciPal and ESHA Genesis Comparison

ReciPal offers affordable pricing options, making it accessible to businesses with budget constraints. Try it for free, cancel any time, and never lose access to your recipes. Plans start as low as $50/month. No long commitments, crazy fees, or holding your data hostage. Just completely transparent pricing.

Ease of Use:

Ease of Use: ReciPal is known for its intuitive and user-friendly design. As a food entrepreneur, you may not have extensive experience or resources for training on complex software. ReciPal's user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation can help streamline the labeling process, saving you time.

Comprehensive Features:

ReciPal provides a comprehensive set of features. It includes functionalities such as label creation, extensive ingredient database, automated ingredient lists, sub-recipes, accurate nutrient analysis, allergen tracking, recipe scaling, FDA and CFIA compliance, customizable templates, cloud storage, and integration options through APIs.

Customer Support:

ReciPal is known for its excellent customer service, providing prompt and efficient support. Users can contact our experts by phone, email, or chat and have their questions answered in minutes, not days.


Your recipes are safely and securely backed up in the cloud, and you can access them from anywhere, on any device. Never lose a recipe or ingredient again! Further, our platform can scale with you without pricing getting out of hand. You can use it with multiple people at multiple locations, rather than a single license and fees for each user. Our model is set up to support your growth, not nickel and dime you.

About Jack Scotti

Jack Scotti ReciPal

Jack Scotti is the director of marketing at ReciPal. Prior to joining the team he was a founder of Story2, an edtech company that teaches people how to advocate for themselves through the neuroscience of storytelling. One of the first activities in any Story2 workshop was to share a memorable meal story. So even before working in the food industry, he got to experience the amazing way food connects us all. (Ask him about his family’s feast of the 7 fishes or only eating ravioli in multiples of four.) Now, he couldn’t be more excited to help food business create more dinner table memories.

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