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Nutritional Breakdown to Understand and Adjust Recipes

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One question that sometimes comes up from our customers is "why does my recipe have 12% fat, I didn't expect that". Customers also want to be able to adjust their recipes to make them healthier or fit certain macronutritional profiles - so it's not just to calculate nutrition but also to understand how it got there and change it if possible. You want to be able to answer questions like "What's the best way to remove sodium?" and "What happens if we use less of a certain ingredient?".

How To Create a Nutrition Label

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So you have a delicious product that people love. You're selling at your local farmer's market or specialty shop. Then someone asks how many calories are in a package...

How to do a Database Nutritional Analysis Right

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As we've discussed before, database nutritional analysis is a great low-cost alternative to lab analysis and can even be more accurate in the long run. However, for it to be used as a viable option and to deliver on that accuracy, it has to be done right. In this post we'll go over exactly how to do that using ReciPal. If you prefer a more visual approach, we have several instructional videos for using our nutritional analysis software, which are a good supplement to this guide.

Want To Grow Your Food Business?

Food folks just like you have had great experiences making nutrition fact labels, costing recipes, and managing inventory with our web app. It was designed by food entrepreneurs for food entrepreneurs, so it makes sense.

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