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We've had the basic Canadian nutrition labels available on ReciPal for quite a while and somewhat recently also added the linear Canadian nutrition label format, all of which you can test out and see for yourself in our sample nutrition label.

One thing that was somewhat lacking was the ability to input the ingredient list for both the regular FDA nutrition label as well as the French and English versions of the Canadian nutrition label. So, like always, we made it easier and better!

Now you can set up the ingredient list in 2 separate languages - we call it the English and French ingredient list, but really it can be any language you want.

French Ingredient Lists

Nothing has changed with the regular ingredient list, but we set up a parallel approach for an additional language, which you can adjust the same as you would the regular ingredient list. Just click on the French Ingredient List link and it'll switch over.

French Ingredient List for Canadian Nutrition Label

Toggle back and forth between the English and French Ingredient Lists.

Then, when you switch from the FDA label to the Canadian bilingual or linear labels, the proper ingredient lists will automatically show up depending on which language is being used in the nutrition label. For the bilingual label, that would be both English and French. For the French linear label, that would just be the French version, and for the English linear label, just the English version.

As always, ingredient lists will save across recipes, so if you want an ingredient to be listed a certain way you only have to change it in one of the recipes it's in and it will automatically appear that way in the other recipes. You can also see the ingredients across all your recipes and update how they are listed in their ingredient lists in both English and French there.

More to Come

That's the big first step for the French ingredient lists. There's still room to add options for spices and flavorings like we have for the FDA ingredient lists, but we'll wait for your feedback first and see what else is needed.

That's more or less it for the ingredient lists, but let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or chat us in the bottom right corner.

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