New (2020/2021) Vertical FDA Label is now the Default Nutrition Label Format on ReciPal

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We've had the New FDA nutrition label formats on ReciPal for quite some time now! Most companies aren't required to use the new format until early next year (2021), but for larger companies (>$10mm food sales) it's 2020.

At this point, most companies want to be using the new format for any new labels, so that's what we're going to help happen.

Default Format = New FDA Vertical

So now the default format for new recipes and labels is the New FDA Vertical format! Existing recipes and labels won't be affected - they'll use whatever label format they were using before.

But new recipes and labels will start with the New Vertical FDA format unless otherwise specified by the user (like setting a default label format).

As always, you can still change the overall label format using the Label Type dropdown menu on the label page of any recipe, right above the label itself :)

Changing your Nutrition Label Format on ReciPal

Here's how you change label formats.

Final Thoughts

We think this will make things a little easier creating nutrition labels for new users and new recipes if you aren't already using the new FDA format, but let us know if you think we can make your food business life easier in any other way!

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