Expert Terms of Service

This website,, (collectively referred to as the "Site" in these Terms of Service) is owned and operated by ("we", "us", "ReciPal", or ""). By ordering an expert service, you ("you", "user", "customer", or, "end user") agree to these Expert Terms of Service (collectively, the "Expert Terms of Service" or "Agreement").

Information Required from Customer

For nutrition analysis projects, customer must provide their recipe information, including ingredients, ingredient amounts, ingredient and subingredient lists, allergens, and recipe yields. Upon ordering a nutrition analysis via a ReciPal expert we will provide (by email) a spreadsheet to fill out with all the information needed that the customer will need to fill out. You may submit your information in another format, but that will likely be much costlier if it turns out to be incomplete and takes much longer to get done.

Information Supplied by ReciPal

ReciPal experts will perform all nutrition analysis/labeling work within the customer's ReciPal account so the customer has access to the recipe, ingredients, and label. They will continue having access for future recipe changes, changes to required label formats, recipe costing, and any other features available as part of the ReciPal free trial.

ReciPal will set up the nutrition analysis, serving sizes, ingredient list, allergens, optionally the business name and address, and send the default vertical PDF nutrition label to the customer by email. Customizing the nutrition label and incorporating it into the rest of the food packaging and labeling is up to the customer.

For five (5) or fewer recipes the work will be completed within 5 business days of receiving all information from the customer. It can be completed by the end of the next business day (expedited service) for double the hourly rate. For more than five recipes the next day service may not be available and the standard 5 business day service may be extended.

For reviews and research, reports will be supplied in email format. We will strive for the 5 business day turnaround on these projects as well.

Billing and Additional Charges

Additional charges will be applied per the hourly rate ($150/hr), and double the hourly rate ($300/hr) for expedited requests. These will be automatically charged to the card you supplied on your order. By ordering the expert service, you agree to these charges.

Intellectual Property.

We acknowledge that the information you share with ReciPal is sensitive and confidential, and it will be treated as such. If you require additional assurances we can sign an NDA for a fee ($50).

Limitation of Liability.

The accuracy of the data supplied to ReciPal for conducting a nutrition analysis is solely the responsibility of the customer. The accuracy of customer formulas, recipes, measures, and weights of ingredients, production yields, nutrition information for specific ingredients used by the customer, and any other information supplied to ReciPal is the responsibility of the customer. ReciPal is only responsible for the accuracy of nutrition analysis based on the accuracy of the data supplied by the customer. Nutritional analysis provided by ReciPal is based on the estimated database analysis using available USDA ingredients, ingredients in the ReciPal database, and ingredient nutrition information supplied by the customer. Some nutritional values may vary depending on the exact ingredients, brand names, and other variables. ReciPal's sole liability arising out of, or in connection with, the expert service provided herein shall not exceed the cost of said services.