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Guest Post: To Self-Manufacture or Co-Manufacture?

Posted on December 24, 2020 by

This week’s blog is written by guest author Jordan Buckner. Jordan is the Founder of Foodbevy, an online resource for food and beverage founders (which includes a database of over 1500 co-manufacturers), and CEO of TeaSquares, so his particular experiences give him a lot of insight in being able to advise other food startups on manufacturing their products.

Understanding FSMA Requirements & Lot Tracking Without Pulling Your Hair Out

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Small to medium sized food businesses have a lot to juggle. Heck, every business does. But, there’s one key difference: food business owners have to be extra careful about food safety. It’s no longer “Don’t worry about it - I’m making a small batch!” – It’s “a stranger in Florida is buying this off a grocery store shelf and hopefully he won’t fall ill from my mismanagement.”

Change Log and Recipe History

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Changes happen. Making them is easy, but remembering them? Not so much. And forget about it if it was someone else on your team making those changes.

Want To Grow Your Food Business?

Food folks just like you have had great experiences making nutrition fact labels, costing recipes, and managing inventory with our web app. It was designed by food entrepreneurs for food entrepreneurs, so it makes sense.

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