Attachments when Creating Custom Ingredients

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You might have seen that we created Recipe Cards recently, and one of the features of a recipe card is that you can attach a photo to the card as a reference for what your finished product looks like. Useful for kitchen staff and general recipe reference.

Attachments for Custom Ingredients

Just like you can attach an image to a recipe card, you can now attach an image or PDF to a custom ingredient. Before, you could only include a link to a data source, but sometimes that data source is a spec sheet from a supplier or a photo of the packaging itself, which doesn't work as a link. In that case, simply attach the file to the custom ingredient as the primary data source.

Custom Ingredient Attachments

Just attach a file rather than including a data source URL.

Reference and Verification

What this does it allow custom ingredients to be more easily cross-referenced and verified when you want to double check that you set it up right, when you are using an ingredient that another user created, or when we at ReciPal are going through to verify custom ingredients.

It makes it easier to find mistakes and double check ingredient data against a reliable source like an ingredient label or supplier spec sheet and making your nutrition labels more reliable.

Closing Thoughts

We've been meaning to set this up for a while and are glad it's finally up on ReciPal. Let us know any comments or questions as always.

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