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In addition to our nutrition label maker, many of you use ReciPal for managing and storing your recipes. And as a result, some of you have asked about getting the recipes you add to ReciPal in a format you can easily use and share offline as well as being able to share with your read-only account members. You've always been able to export the information for a recipe to a spreadsheet, but now you can also view and print a formatted version right from your dashboard.

Navigating to the Recipe Card

We've added a new page that we call a "Recipe Card" to the recipe actions menu on the Recipe Dashboard and also to the navigation header for each recipe (there it's just the "card").

Recipe Card Menu

You can navigate to the recipe card page from the good 'ole Recipe Actions menu on your Dashboard.

The Recipe Card Itself

Just click on that, and you'll see a page with all the pertinent information for that recipe, including:

Recipe Card Page

The recipe card itself.

To print, just hit CTRL+P or CMD+P like you'd print anything else on your computer.

The ingredients will be in the order you entered them on the Edit page, but you can drag and drop them into any order on the Edit page, and that will be reflected on the recipe card as well.

You can add preparation instructions from the Edit page of the recipe, allergens you can add from the label page, and you can set the Ingredient Statement on the ingredient statement page as always.

EDIT (May 24, 2017): Now with recipe images! We've also added an option to include an image (especially useful for plating/packaging instructions), which you can do by attaching an image from your computer.

Use Cases

We hope this feature will be a great addition for production team members who need view-only access to recipes (and don't have access to the Edit page), for kitchen staff and team members who need printed recipe information, and for anyone who needs a hard-copy compilation of their recipes.

We think this is a good default list of information, but if you really need to customize a format your best bet is to download the recipe information to a spreadsheet and work off that.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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