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We recently added a big upgrade in how you generate a nutrition label file on ReciPal.

Back in the day (a whole week ago) if you wanted to save a PDF file you'd Print to PDF. Not all browsers and not all users had a PDF writer already on their computer, so it was often confusing if you weren't familiar with the process. You'd click the save button, the print dialog would come up, and then you'd try to figure out what to do next. Do you change the printer selection? Do you try another browser?

Sometimes a phone call or email was the solution. And while we were happy to explain it, we'd much prefer it to be easy enough that you don't ever have to ask. That's how good software works. That's how we think nutrition label software should work.

Simplicity is King

It clearly wasn't a very good system, but you guys usually figured it out and put up with it. And we appreciate that.

But now you don't have to do any of that.

We leveraged some cool technology and now have a button to save as a PDF and another button to save as a high resolution JPEG image on the label page. It should pretty much work automagically, which is what we want and what you expect. It kind of feels like the missing link in our software and we're very happy with it.

Create Nutrition Labels

Click PDF or Image to save in the format of your choice

Formats for Food Folks

Being able to save a basic image file is also very useful for folks that don't have access to a designer to resize a PDF file and make it work with their label. With an image file you can easily resize the label in any label software, in Word, or whatever else you're using to create your food labels.

Request for Feedback

Keep in mind that this is a pretty new feature. We've tested it thoroughly and already fixed a couple early bugs, but if you see something that doesn't seem quite right just send us a quick note and we'll fix it. That will be a huge help to everyone using ReciPal. But given the lack of emails and calls we've received about saving and printing nutrition labels since this feature launched, we'd say it's a huge improvement.

Other than that, let us know what you think. Do you want different image sizes as options? Different image formats? Can we make it even simpler? Just leave a comment below.

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