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Here at ReciPal we're all about creating simple tools that will help you run and execute your food business. However, it's tough to go it alone whenever you're starting your own business and sometimes you need some help.

Call it coaching, consulting - whatever it is, we all need it occasionally if we want to accelerate growth and not make the same mistakes everyone else makes.

Enter Stephen Hall

Recently, we were lucky enough to speak with Stephen Hall, who is somewhat of a food marketing guru:

  • He runs, which has a great list of resources for any food business as well as a useful newsletter.
  • He wrote Sell Your Specialty Food, which was praised by Oprah's magazine and many others as a go to guide for food start ups.
  • He frequently gives talks and workshops on business development and marketing for food products.
  • He also offers his services in the form of business and strategic planning coaching, in which capacity he's worked with brands like Newman's Own (helping expand to Europe) and Campbell's Soup (preparing specialty food distribution for Campbell Worldwide).

So, sign up for the newsletter and keep Specialty Food Resource in mind as you're starting your food business and looking to profitably market it. I think you'll find it quite useful.

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