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The main purpose of our inventory management is to let you see your current status: what you have right now as far as ingredients and products. But sometimes it's useful to see what you had on a particular date in the past, whether you need that information for tracking, accounting, or third- party compliance.

Enter Snapshots!

We're really excited about this new feature. Several customers have inquired about a tool like this, so we heard you and did the work at our end to save you lots of work at yours!

What's Old

We've always had a history page for individual raw materials and finished goods if you clicked on the "Last Update" date.

Raw Materials Inventory History

Each inventory item has its own history.

It returns the full history, which is useful. But going through that for every ingredient can be more than tedious if you have dozens or hundreds of items that you need look up.

What's New: Inventory Snapshots

With the snapshot feature, you can get directly to the information you need. You can access the tool from either the Raw Materials or Finished Goods page, depending on which type of inventory you're looking up. Just enter the date you need, and you'll be able to view the inventory levels on that specific day. Of course you can download this data to a spreadsheet as well.

Inventory Snapshots by Date

Get the inventory snapshot on a particular date and still get to a full history by item if you need.

If you want to see the history for any single ingredient, you can do that from this page by clicking the "Full History" button. And we've added the ability to view the value for the inventory. For Raw Materials, that number will be the cost of ingredients entered on your costing page. For Finished Goods it will be the cost of goods rather than the retail or distributor price, but it's still a useful reference.

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions in the comments!

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