Replacing and Merging Ingredients En Masse

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One question that occasionally gets asked is "Can I automatically switch one ingredient out for another in all of my recipes?" Well, the answer was no, but now it's yes! Read on for the scoop on this new feature. If you're a customer with lots of recipes and [particularly] duplicate ingredients, this one's especially for you!

What The Feature Does

For now, this feature is only available to subscribers. Most of the time (basically always), changes we make are for everyone, but this one only serves a purpose if you have many instances of the same ingredient across many different recipes, so it's really only useful to subscribers with lots of recipes.

With it you can:

When you switch the ingredient, the software will check to see if the unit you chose for measuring the original ingredient exists for the new ingredient (sometimes similar ingredients don't have the same units attached to them). If the unit exists, it will be used. But if it doesn't, the software will default to "grams" as the unit for the new ingredient and will use the gram weight from the original ingredient as the quantity.

How It Works

You'll find the option to replace ingredients as a link on the "View Your Recipes With This Ingredient" page.

Replace Ingredient Toggle

Let the replacement begin.

Just click on the link to bring up a search box, type in your search term, choose the ingredient you want to use, and click "Replace." That's it!

Replace Ingredient Search

The search is on!

What The Feature Doesn't Do (AKA Be Forewarned!)

The feature doesn't:

Let Us Know What You Think!

Do you want the ingredient statements and costs to be merged if the replacement ingredient is already being used in other recipes? Do you have other ideas? Use the comments below to tell us. We really want to know!

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