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My Food Product: Picking a Nutrition Fact Label Format and Style

Posted on March 08, 2013 by ReciPal

You may have noticed that different products have their nutrition fact labels displayed in different ways. This usually depends on the type of packaging. For example, a cereal box will have the traditional vertical nutrition label while a granola bar might have a horizontal style label that fits on the flap your tear open. It seems intuitive, but there are FDA rules that govern what type of label you need. We'll go over the basic (and more exotic) options as well as when each is appropriate.


How to do a Database Nutritional Analysis Right

Posted on March 07, 2013 by ReciPal

As we've discussed before, database nutritional analysis is a great low-cost alternative to lab analysis and can even be more accurate in the long run. However, for it to be used as a viable option and to deliver on that accuracy, it has to be done right. In this post we'll go over exactly how to do that using ReciPal. If you prefer a more visual approach, we have several instructional videos for using our nutritional analysis software, which are a good supplement to this guide.


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