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We came across an interesting infographic the other week connecting food product labeling, end consumers and the marketers that create the labels.

The main takeaway seems to be that it's on the food business to explain what's in their product and make it as easy on the consumer to understand everything. And it seems like there's still a ways to go for us food companies to deliver.

The Consumer Perspective

Here's the consumer take on product labeling. The overwhelming majority thinks product labels should do a better job explaining what's inside them, even though they also believe it is their own responsibility to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

About half believe that nutrition information isn't easy to understand. Hopefully the new nutrition label design will improve that number for the better.

What consumers think of food labels

The Marketer Perspective

And here's the marketer's take on product labeling. The overwhelming majority claims to go beyond what is required by regulations to paint an accurate picture for consumers, but about the same percentage thinks other products overstate their healthiness.

What consumers think of food labels

What Should You Do?

Given this information, what can you do to improve and connect with your consumers more?

Do you go the extra mile to make sure your customers know what's in your product and have an easy time understanding your ingredients and nutrition? What are you doing to educate your customers? What could you change about your packaging to make it easier to understand?

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