Meet Jennifer Lewis: Owner of Small Food Biz and Consultant

Posted on June 11, 2014 by

One of the first websites I found when I got involved in starting a food business was Small Food Biz.

It had a bevy of information and guides for getting a food startup off the ground. One of my favorite pieces is their cottage food laws by state, a map based guide of home-based food business laws for each state.

Jennifer Lewis - Food Entrepreneur

Not only that, but it's owner, Jennifer Lewis, keeps pumping out books, online courses, and materials to help you start and build your food business. We regularly refer our customers toward her website, as it's a great resource for any food entrepreneur.

She also offers consulting and coaching services to help you craft your food business plan, as well as ongoing consulting to make sure your business stays on track and overcomes the many obstacles us food businesses face.

As I've chatted with Jennifer over time, I realized she's a real asset for our community. As someone who's been a chef, received her MBA, and also started her own successful food business, she has been through it all and is pretty well qualified to help you out, even more-so now that she's been helping all kinds of food businesses for years.

If you need more hands-on help with your food business, make sure to check her out.

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