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EDIT: The cookdown feature is no longer part of ReciPal, in favor of the Net Weight Per Package approach.

Having the right recipe yield ensures that your nutrition fact label has the right value in the serving size field. But it can be a pain in the neck to weigh out every finished product. So, we got some feedback from users and changed the way you enter recipe yield.

Thinking Like a Food Business

A lot of food companies follow a similar cooking process for most of their recipes. A baker might know that each of her breads will lose 10% of their weight due to moisture loss during baking.

That's how she thinks about her recipe and yield. She doesn't want to weigh and enter the yield for each recipe, which is how ReciPal worked before.

Cookdown Factor Feature

This new feature is super simple and generalizes the case we tried to simplify for before - when your recipe didn't lose any weight during processing.

Recipe Yield Cookdown Factor

The Cookdown Factor is Flexible and Powerful

If your product loses 10% of it's weight, you can click the cookdown factor button (as seen in the image above) and enter "10". We'll automatically calculate the weight based on the recipe you entered. If it doesn't lose any weight, enter "0". Pretty simple.


That's pretty much it. We've tried to simplify the yield calculation and it took a couple iterations to make it flexible and powerful enough for all kinds of users. We think we're getting closer with this approach.

Thoughts? Ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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