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We're extremely excited to finally launch our redesign! It was great working with a professional rather than trying our best as non-designers to create a nice to look at and easy to use website.

It ended up being a fairly large project, but well worth the effort.

What's Changed

You'll notice a completely redesigned homepage, logo, updated fonts (not for the nutrition labels themselves though), a new navigation bar, and some more things too. There will be a transitional phase where the public pages have a more or less completely new look and the logged in pages for creating recipes, labels, inventory, and managing your account use some of the new design elements but within the old overall layout and design. But we'll slowly go through the most important pages and update them for a consistent look and feel.

How You Can Help

Let us know if anything seems out of sorts or looks a little off. We scoured the entire site to see where things might have been unknowingly affected by the design changes, but there are certainly little things we may have missed, so don't hesitate to let us know. In between launching and publishing this post we've already fixed a few small bugs thanks to you :)

What's Next

Next up will be the in-app pages of ReciPal where you're logged in and creating recipes. That should be a little easier to update now that we have the new design all set up, and probably more useful at the end of the day than the public pages, but we had to start somewhere.

Leave any comments below or reach out as always.

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