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We recently made some changes to our inventory management product, some that are easy to see and some that are, we hope, seamless improvements behind the scenes. Here's the scoop on what's new:


We've simplified inventory pricing and plans and expanded their limits. The three big changes are:

Two tiers based on number of users and production plans:

Instead of pricing plans according to the number of production runs someone needs, we've simplified to just 2 plans based on the number of users--single or multiple. Now you don't have to think about anything except how many people need to use the inventory software.

The single-user tier is $50/month. You get 1 production plan. The multi-user tier is $100/month and includes multiple production plans.

Unlimited production runs:

Yep, just unlimited. This was an issue since smaller companies often make a lot of small batches, which translates to a lot of production runs.

That meant our pricing was not really fair to them, and that's not what we're about. So...unlimited runs for everyone!

Unlimited recipes:

Since the inventory module draws information from recipes, those are now unlimited too! So you can input the information for as many products or SKUs as you have, all included in the monthly price.

Labeling is separate, but if you need that, you can buy one label at a time ($19 a la carte) or add unlimited nutrition labels for $30/month.

Inventory homepage

We've revamped the inventory management homepage to do a better job of explaining what the inventory module does. We've also highlighted key features based on feedback from users. Part of making everything clearer is a new video that gives an overview of how it all works.

Tutorial videos

We've made lots of changes since we made our initial tutorials, so it was time for some up-to-date videos that reflect the current product and features. The videos are designed for subscribers and for trial users to help them get to know the system (or for anyone curious). They go into more depth overall about the software and include information on all the updated features.

Behind the scenes

We've fixed lots of bugs and edge cases related to production runs, production plans, lot codes, raw materials inventory units, and the raw materials risk key. We've also added more units to recipes for use in production plans and runs.

Let us know what you think!

We hope all of this makes your life and your inventory management easier. We'd love to know, so leave a message in the comments below.

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