Suppliers and Receivers in Inventory Tracking

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When it comes to inventory tracking, lot codes are big. But they're not enough. You also need to know the supplier, the recipient, and the shipper or transporter for every transaction you make. (You can check out those rules firsthand here.) And now you can track that information through ReciPal.

Keep Track of What's Required

From the Inventory Dashboard, you can add supplier details (name, address, contact info) and specify whether they're a supplier, receiver, or transporter.

Add Supplier Button

It all starts on the inventory dashboard. Just click the Add New Supplier button.

Suppliers are where your raw materials come from, receivers are where your finished goods go, and transporters are the delivery middlemen that transport (yup, transporters transport!) that inventory between you and the suppliers and receivers.

Specify suppliers when adding inventory

When adding inventory you can filter by supplier (and tags) and specify who supplied and transported that shipment.

When you add (receive) raw materials inventory, you can include which supplier it's coming from. The same is true for recipients when you subtract (ship) finished goods inventory. You can specify who transported the product as well as the date it was sent or received if that date is different from the day you enter the information. Everything will then be tracked in your inventory updates and history.

Keeping Updated and Organized

In addition to tracking who each inventory update came from or went to, ReciPal will automatically link suppliers to inventory whenever you add to inventory and specify a supplier (you can also connect suppliers and inventory manually from both the inventory history and supplier pages).

This is useful so you can 1) Filter inventory by supplier, 2) Filter ingredients by supplier when updating costs, 3) Organize production plan ingredients by suppliers to make purchasing easier.

Production Plans with Suppliers

Production Plans with Suppliers listed for each inventory item.

As you can see above, your production plan inventory requirements will be organized by supplier.

Keep In Touch

We know that's a lot of changes to the inventory module in a single update, so let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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