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Changes happen. Making them is easy, but remembering them? Not so much. And forget about it if it was someone else on your team making those changes.

So now ReciPal will automatically track changes you've made to your recipes. You'll be able to see a history of things you've adjusted on the Recipe Edit page, like adding or removing ingredients, changing ingredient amounts, or updating the net weight, number of packages, servings, preparation instructions, etc.

Where To Find It

You'll find the "History" page under the Recipe Actions menu on your Recipe Dashboard:

Recipe History Link from Dashboard

The history page link from your Recipe Dashboard.

Or on the Recipe Edit page, next to the name of the recipe:

Recipe History Link

The history page link from the recipe itself.

What It Does

The history will show which ingredient was changed (if an ingredient was changed), the type of change, the element before and after the change, the account email for the user who made the change, and the timestamp.

Recipe history and change log page

You can see all the recipe changes on the history page.

This reference is meant to help with diagnosing issues, reconstructing previous versions, fixing any errors or accidental changes, and just being able to check how you got to the current state. Obviously it can't be applied retroactively to changes before the change log existed, but we hope it will be a useful tool moving forward.

What's Next? You Tell Us!

We try to roll out new features based on demand, so reach out if you want to see more logs like this (for costing or ingredient lists) or would like to be able to undo changes from the log. We're all ears :)

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