Creating a Subrecipe via API

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The ReciPal API has been around for quite some time now, and subscribers can access it to programmatically create recipes, ingredients, and pull that information for their own purposes.

A classic use case for the API is when a business has the option for customization or a "build your own" feature. So, the components (say, mixes and toppings for a cookie mix) are known, but the permutations of the final product are too vast to calculate all of them beforehand. In that case, they can use our API to build out those products in real time and determine the nutrition information without having to do it all manually.

Enter Subrecipes

One thing that was missing from the API was the ability to create subrecipes. You could always use the website of ReciPal itself to turn a recipe into a subrecipe, but now you can create a subrecipe from the API itself.

This can save the additional step of going into ReciPal to create a subrecipe and includes one of the core features of ReciPal's nutrition label maker into the API.

Subrecipe Use Cases and Final Thoughts

We already have a few customers making great use of this, particularly meal companies that use various recipe components to craft their final meals.

Let us know what you think, if you have any questions or comments!

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