Canadian Bilingual Format with French Ingredients First

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In ReciPal's Canadian bilingual format, the English ingredient list and allergen declaration have always been shown ahead of the French ones. And we didn't have any way for you to change that inside the software. But no more! You can now switch the order because sometimes, especially in Quebec, it just makes more sense to have the French come first.

Setting The Option

Once you've chosen the bilingual format, you'll find the option for "French Ingredients First" under the "Label Sections" menu on the label page. Just check the box.

Choosing French Ingredients First Toggle

To show your French ingredients and allergens above the English just check the box.

Seeing The Results

You won't see a change on the screen when you check the box. But when you download the label, the French ingredients and allergens will come before the English ones.

French Ingredients First label download

Et voila!

We hope the extra flexibility in ReciPal's nutrition label maker is useful . Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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