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A lot of people have asked about saving the label format in a recipe. Well, ask no more because now you can! This was a bit of a daunting project, but it's now complete and up and running.

The Change

Before, any changes you made to the label would hold only as long as you stayed on the label page. The idea was that you'd build your recipe, finalize your label, and save the formatted version to your computer as soon as you finished it.

But many of you wanted to see the formatting persist whenever you made changes (like pretty much everything else that saves automatically in ReciPal). Now any choices you make on the label page will be stored, and the next time you go back to it, the same layout should appear automatically. That includes selections you make for:

  • Label type (Vertical, Linear, Tabular, Old vs New FDA format, Canadian options, etc.)
  • Label sections (title, ingredient list, allergens, etc.)
  • Label style (label width, colors, justification, capitalization, etc.)
  • Optional vitamins and nutrients

No more readjusting each time you open the recipe! We hope the change saves you time and frustration and make the process just a little simpler and more seamless.

How'd We Do?

Let us know what you think! (And if you see anything not working quite as expected) You might notice a short delay as the page loads and switches from the default layout to your format. It may take a second or two, but much easier than having you make the changes yourself :)

We tested everything we could think of, but it might not be perfect the first go round, so keep us posted if you notice anything unexpected!

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