How Do I Convert My Recipe Measurements?

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We all know how many inches are in a foot, but how many grams are in an pound of that recipe you're working on? What about 5 pounds? What if it's 2.22 pounds? Yuck.

Converting measurements is one of those things most people learn in school and quickly forget.

There's An Easy Tool You're Already Familiar With

Fortunately, armed with a smartphone or computer, these days you don't have to memorize anything.

Google has built a pretty awesome unit converter, which is what I refer to on a daily basis when I need to convert measurement.

Going one step further, you can even type into the search bar whatever your conversion is to avoid the menu. Type "22.45 pounds to grams" or "8.25 cups to tbsp". Awesome, huh?

Applying it in ReciPal

We sometimes get questions from users asking for advice on converting their recipe measurements to grams or some measurement that ReciPal is already working in.

I've been thinking of building a widget for you guys to do simple conversions, but someone really smart (maybe even a whole team of smart folks) has already solved this. So let's not let their work go to waste!

Have a different conversion tool you love? Mention it in the comments below!

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