Locking Ingredient Statements

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Some pieces of information in ReciPal, like ingredient statements for recipes, get automatically update and recalculated in real-time when you make changes to a recipe or an ingredient statement for a particular ingredient.

Updating Ingredient Statements

So when you update the amount of an ingredient, add or remove an ingredient from a recipe, the ingredient statement will get updated so ingredients are in descending weight order. If you update the ingredient statement for an ingredient in one recipe, it also gets updated in the other recipes with that ingredient, and the overall ingredient statement will be updated in each of the affected recipes.

That works great when you want something to stay consistent across recipes and always be updated to the latest and greatest, but sometimes you don't. So now you can also lock an ingredient statement if you need it to remain unchanged and keep it from being overwritten in one recipe.

Locking It Up

lock ingredients

Set it, lock it, forget it.

The lock feature works when you set your ingredient list manually or when you set it ingredient by ingredient. It's hidden in the toggle for the manual settings because we honestly don't recommend locking an ingredient statement (there's a good chance it'll be wrong if you change the recipe, so use this feature with caution), and also because if you're setting it manually that's the most likely case you want it locked.

You can use the feature to keep your ingredient statement from being overwritten when you:

  • Make changes to your recipe (like adding or removing ingredient, or updating ingredient amounts)
  • Update ingredient lists in other recipes that have the same ingredients (since changes in the "display in ingredient list as" field get saved across recipes).

Final Thoughts and Comments

We had a lot of requests for this feature even though we don't really recommend it, so let us know what you think and how you use this option in the comments below!

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